Terri Norwood

VP, Finance and Administration

Terri earned her B.A. in French Literature and Education. Why, you ask? “Why not?” is her reply (usually in English). Due to the fact that her husband was a lay-about graduate student when they first married (he has since recovered nicely), Terri laid aside her Baudelaire and picked up her business suits, beginning a 15-year career in the financial services industry. From branch manager to Director of Retail Operations to Corporate Compliance Manager, Terri gained increasing scopes of responsibility and specialization in interstate banking and federal compliance. So much responsibility and specialization that one day she looked around her and thought, “what on earth am I doing working for a bank?” These days Terri can be found relishing in her second, much loved career as a Mom and part-time Office Administrator. In her spare time, she likes to bird watch and read—what else—science fiction. Pouvez-vous croire?