Rebecca Freedholm

VP, Product Management

Becca loves doing good work for causes she believes in. Through her work with nonprofit organizations, education agencies, and now TEG, Becca has always focused on advancing programs geared towards making a difference.

Becca received her B.A. in English from Kenyon College and decided to enter the nonprofit realm upon graduating. She started her career at the Women’s Campaign Fund, where she led one of the organization’s grant-funded programs. After relocating to Austin, TX, she served as the interim Director of Operations at Breakthrough Austin, an organization that provides a path to college for low-income students who will be first-generation college graduates. As she developed a deeper understanding of the challenges present in K-12 education, Becca became interested in finding innovative ways to improve how kids learn. In 2012, she joined the Texas Education Agency, where she worked to expand online learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Becca joined TEG in 2014 for the opportunity to develop and grow innovative educational programs and services. She gets to work on projects she cares about, and loves collaborating with educational leaders and organizations trying to produce meaningful change through creative, responsive solutions.