Bonnie Nordvedt

VP, Digital Solutions

Bonnie is an old soul with a nerd’s brain. As a junior in high school, she began tutoring math to struggling students in her high school (and she continues to this day – algebra is so useful!). In college she worked in the Math Lab, helping adult learners and college-aged students alike to find enjoyment in learning again. She also earned her “Major Nerd” stars by becoming Math Student of the Year, something she never lets her family forget.

But it wasn’t her love of math and experience working for her college that has most directed Bonnie’s career. As a junior at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore, she became increasingly frustrated with the economic disparity she saw every day. At age 21 she became Director of the Baltimore Free Store, an all volunteer-run organization working to promote reuse and alleviate poverty through mutual cooperation. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, putting what she learned to immediate use helping to reorganize the struggling non-profit and bring it back from the brink of extinction.

Her love of all things “organized” (she has an affinity for paperclips and white boards) led her to help manage a health care office upon graduation, as she continued to build the Free Store. Soon thereafter, she realized that in order to make the difference she wanted to make in the world, she would need to continue her own education. She then earned her Masters in Sustainable Business Administration (“Green” MBA) through the distance learning program at Anaheim University. In 2012 Bonnie joined the Trinity team, ready to find new areas to help people connect, grow, and find enjoyment in learning!